About Imara Foundation

Founded in 2011 as a registered non profit, Imara Foundation chooses to make impact in the lives of women and children in Nigeria. Birthed out of the premise that women make up half of our world and therefore have a fundamental right to be allowed to take their place and contribute fully to matters concerning their socio-cultural and economic wellbeing, particularly if full progress towards nation building is to be achieved.

At Imara we recognize that enriching every woman involves empowering her holistically that is socially and economically taking into account her cultural context. We seek to elevate her from repressive cultural perspectives and rather promote her as an active partner for progress in her life. We are necessarily by extension interested in the promotion of the rights of her offspring the Nigerian Child a key actor in our eagerly anticipated tomorrow’s Nigeria. Imara also seeks to promote family life as we also understand that the family in whatever form it takes is the basic unit of society and the more vibrant families that are cultivated the better enriched our communities and ultimately our country.

Working actively to promote the Millennium Development Goals 2,3 & 8, being achievement of Universal primary education, Gender Equality and Empowerment and being a part of a global development partnership, Imara is a pan-Nigerian organization but we are also international in our outlook and our programmes aim to touch the lives of every woman and child within our reach wherever we can be of service.

Our Mission

We are a not for profit organization established for the promotion of causes directly related to the socio-cultural and economic progress of women and children in Nigeria.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make qualitative and holistic impact on the lives of women and children we encounter one individual at a time.

Partnership for Development

At Imara while we have a strong belief and commitment towards the projects we spearhead we acknowledge the fact that achieving development progress cannot be achieved by one small organization alone and recognise that meaningful progress can only be achieved through collaborative partnerships with other development partners.


We willingly collaborate with like-minded individuals, nonprofits, Corporate Foundations and Companies who want to make a difference and positively impact society. We believe in partnerships that promote sustainable ideas. As a non profit Imara embarks on fundraising drives in order to effectively deliver its programmes.

Our Objectives

  1. Promoting the recognition and respect for the fundamental rights and freedoms of women and children as recognized and enshrined in the Nigerian Constitution as well as the rights and freedoms recognised by international charters including the UN Convention On the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW)
  2. Recognizing the place of ‘culture in context’, in the promotion of these fundamental freedoms and creating a platform for awareness creation through education and knowledge building.
  3. Accessing valued partnerships and networks for the promotion of the mission
  4. A focus on strategic fundraising and specialized programmes aimed specifically towards the promotion of the mission.

Meet Our Team

Fabia Ogunmekan


Ibiso Graham




Olaitan Awomolo


Flora Fabyan


Peter Boyo