The International Conference on Sustainability

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Imara Foundation Founder attended the International Sustainability Conference on ‘Leading a Sustainable Business’ organized by the First Bank Sustainability Centre of the Lagos Business School on Thursday the 30th of October 2014. The Keynote address was given by Professor Matthew Grayson CBE of the Cranfield University and Mr. Paul Gurney Director Sustainability services, Accenture. Other notable speakers were Mr. Tonye Cole CEO Sahara Energy Group, Mr. Bisi Onasanya MD CEO First Bank Nigeria PLC and Ms. Ivana Osagie CEO Notore Chemicals. The objective of the Conference was to get business leaders to understand the benefits of integrating sustainability in their business strategies to drive long term growth. The Conference show cased examples of businesses that had incorporated sustainable practices as part of their business model and shared their stories.

The key take away from the conference was the idea that businesses are Corporate Citizens granted a licence by Government to operate not just for profit reasons but for the ultimate creation of profitable value to society.

The Lagos Business School is ranked with the world’s top business schools in the area of open enrolment and executive education by the Financial Times London 2007


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