10 Things This Women’s Day

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Dear Sisters

  1. Build Your Capacity in ways that are beyond your looks. It is not the expensive hair, designer bags or latest makeup trends that determine your value. It is the totality of your being, Spirit, Soul and Body. Please endeavour to invest in each aspect of yourself equally.
  2. Do Not Expect the Unrealistic from both yourself and others. The concept of a knight in shining armour coming to rescue a damsel in distress is a lie!
  3. You Have To Work To Eat. You have to earn to take care of yourself and you are better able to do this with an education and hard-work.
  4. Runs Is Prostitution. Any exchange of sexual favours for monetary benefit is prostitution and it is also not a sustainable long term career path.
  5. School Was Your Friend, is your friend and will be your friend if you let it. Education is the singular most important way to alter the course of your destiny.
  6. Marriage Is Not Heaven! You are a human being, marrying another human being living on earth. Do not expect from him what angels can’t even give you.
  7. You Are Equal To A Man! Yes, equal. Different, but equal. Not more or less entitled, but equally entitled. Therefore treat yourself and other women with the same respect and cordiality you will treat a man.
  8. Do Not Sell Yourself Short! As a living thinking being you are as capable as the next person, your only limitation is yourself. You can do ANYTHING you set your mind to do, you just have to pay the price of hard-work, sacrifice, self-denial, determination, knowledge and humility.
  9. Stand Up For Yourself. Because no one will stand up for you. Whether as a daughter, sister, friend, wife, mother or colleague, you deserve to be treated with a certain degree of self-respect and dignity.
  10. Love Yourself. Be patient, kind, forgiving, accepting and tolerating of yourself. Greatness is not achieved in a day. It takes time. Many falls but also many rises.


Dear Brothers

  1. We Are Partners and friends, on the same team in life so please stop confusing us with the enemy.
  2. You Are Not Superior to Us, as we were created and redeemed by God equally with you.
  3. We Are Not in Competition with You or threatened by your existence. Assertion and aggression are just ways of self-expression.
  4. All We Want Is Equal Treatment, what is due us. If we are good at something, then we deserve the commensurate rewards, opportunities and accolades.
  5. All Women Are Not The Same! Each one of us is different, so please relate with us on an individual basis. Endeavour to distinguish between each of us. We are not all your sister, wife or daughter and you certainly do not have my type at home!
  6. We Are Not Fair Game. So, please do not feel the need to help yourself to any fine girl you see. The fact that we pay attention to how we look and cross your path does not mean you must chase us or try to score an easy one.
  7. Thank You Exists For A Reason – to express appreciation for acts of kindness and sacrifice. Do not demand that we appreciate you in any other way.
  8. When You Make a Promise or commitment to help, please do as said. Do not introduce last minute conditions compelling us to follow you to Abuja, or Lagos or London or South Africa.
  9. If We Demonstrate Capability, please give us an opportunity. Do not deny us of our due because we are women.
  10. We need Each Other in life, love, work and play. Please never forget that you need us as much as we need you.

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